After some silence battling with the usual (see here, here, here, and here for reminders), I’m back on the webs again. This time, I’m really really going to try and keep writing as often as I desire, which really is a lot of the time. To help with the motivation, I actually bought a domain…

Making My Change

Procrastination + Perfectionism = not being proactive. At all.

The One Where Taking A Photo A Day Is A Little Tedious

This decision to take a photograph a day can be somewhat tedious (especially as a lazy photographer!). Lately I find myself waiting to the last hour of the day to take a picture, when my creativity juices are usually finished. So what do I do?

Just Done It

If attending music festivals is all it takes to be outgoing, then sign me up.

Too Bad, Sooooooooooooooo Sad

I swear that this blog is not supposed to be an outlet to secretly seek pity. A breakthrough is coming I’m told. I just don’t know when.

How Do I Live?

To be a writer – I wonder if I even qualify as one, since the last real thing I wrote was a short fiction piece for my creative writing workshop 2 semesters ago. (I graduated last May..)

Willing Myself To Do Stuff

After a phone call with my pally, Taylor, I gained an ounce of motivation to do things of my own accord. Sunday morning, not even thinking about church, I went on a walk with my dog, Fluffy.

On The Hunt For Discipline

After more than a month of placing titles on a few bare drafts and choosing to watch ASMR videos [-really good if you have a hard time sleeping!] over writing, I’m finally putting my second post on here.