Making My Change

Procrastination + Perfectionism = not being proactive. At all.

The One Where Taking A Photo A Day Is A Little Tedious

This decision to take a photograph a day can be somewhat tedious (especially as a lazy photographer!). Lately I find myself waiting to the last hour of the day to take a picture, when my creativity juices are usually finished. So what do I do?

Just Done It

If attending music festivals is all it takes to be outgoing, then sign me up.

Too Bad, Sooooooooooooooo Sad

I swear that this blog is not supposed to be an outlet to secretly seek pity. A breakthrough is coming I’m told. I just don’t know when.

How Do I Live?

To be a writer – I wonder if I even qualify as one, since the last real thing I wrote was a short fiction piece for my creative writing workshop 2 semesters ago. (I graduated last May..)

Willing Myself To Do Stuff

After a phone call with my pally, Taylor, I gained an ounce of motivation to do things of my own accord. Sunday morning, not even thinking about church, I went on a walk with my dog, Fluffy.

On The Hunt For Discipline

After more than a month of placing titles on a few bare drafts and choosing to watch ASMR videos [-really good if you have a hard time sleeping!] over writing, I’m finally putting my second post on here.