Just Done It

In part of trying to find things to keep me busy, I’ve added “outgoing” as an option. This sounds very vague, but it simply means just going out to see what’s happening in the city. Last Sunday I went to the Safaricom International Jazz Festival, which is this music festival held every year just outside Nairobi, with local and international acts. The music is great and is bearable for even those non-jazz lovers since there’s a lot of variety with the acts. I went by myself, which I’ve become used to doing, but I still get pangs of self-consciousness and wishing I had special people with me – more about this to come in another post… But it wasn’t bad at all, cos the music was fire, and there was even a clarinetist, so I could mentally nerd out. I even spent my last 1000/- to buy a shirt and CD by this group called Shamsi, which my cousin whom I met randomly was selling at a table.

“The Audition” by Shamsi
“Unanijazz” – You’re jazzing me

Haven’t checked out the CD yet, but my cousin assures me these guys are bomb. I’m always looking forward to hear new music, so this is like a tiny forward step in having something to occupy my brain with.

What I mostly took away was being able to have an afternoon booked to just go out and listen to music and have a good time, and just be free and content in those moments, then go back home, and actually feel like I spent energy on something worthwhile.


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